Things You Should Know about TouchPal

What Is TouchPal?

An alternate input method for multiple devices, TouchPal was designed by the award-winning company Cootek. Supported by multiple platforms, TouchPal overlays a virtual keyboard on handheld touchscreens.

Entering text is as simple as a screen tap or sliding a finger between letters. It provides more alternative options for text, emojis, and gif inputs than the traditional default keyboard built into most handheld devices.

Why Use TouchPal?

TouchPal uses a patent-pending technology called “T+”. This tech combines two letters and one symbol on every key, which gives the layout a look similar to the letter T. Adding to the simplicity and ease of use, the letters follow the common QWERTY keyboard layout.

Tapping on the keys allows predictive text, while sliding between letters allows precision. Simply slide down to key in a symbol and slide up for uppercase letters. Slide up, then down for numbers.


New Features

TouchPal has included new features in their latest version, dubbed TouchPal X v. 5.4.5, that make this innovative app even better for everyday use. TouchPal Wave coincides with TouchPal Curve to use gestures for commonly used phrases and sentences. Speed and accuracy are greatly enhanced with the use of Wave and Curve, also called glide typing.

Emoji X uses a simple flip of the Spacebar to input emojis. The contextual prediction feature will use information from Tweets, messages, and contacts to personalize text suggestions. A Walkie-Talkie interface option allows for hands-free texting. There are multiple toolbar plugins for the app, including Twitter, along with multiple themes available to customize the experience.

Choosing between a beautiful star-filled galaxy theme to a cute kitten layout is one of the most fun aspects of this app. A one-hand keyboard layout is available for large touchscreens as well, making it easier to multi-task.

Mixed language prediction and input support for over 100 languages means that this app can be used in almost any country in the world.

Switching between languages is unnecessary, as the mixed language prediction feature will know that you are typing in a different language.

The Preferred App For Major Brands

HTC, Sony, Huawei, and ZTE are just a few of the major device brands that use TouchPal as the default keyboard on some of their devices.

TouchPal has also been the default keyboard of Vodafone and Orange devices for almost a decade. China Telecom selected the app as the Mobile Internet Application in 2012.

CooTek Awards

CooTek, a Shanghai-based company, was the recipient of the Mobile Innovation award at the GSMA Global Mobile Awards in 2009. This awards ceremony is judged by some of the leading minds in technology. At the TechCrunch Disrupt in 2012, Cootek reached the Final Stage of the Battlefield.

The most innovative new products are featured in this American publisher of tech industry news.

Google Play Store also put Touchpal on the front page in 2012, leading to over 10 million downloads, satisfied reviewers, and a consistent high rating of over 4 stars. The next version will add even more innovative features to this beloved app.

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