How to Create the Perfect Password

It can be kind of tricky to create a password that’s both secure and easy to remember. Here are a few strategies to help you develop a strong password that’s both memorable and guaranteed to keep your systems protected at all times.

The Bruce Schneier Method

In 2008, security professional Bruce Schneier created a method for generating passwords that he still recommends, which is to turn a sentence that’s easy to remember into a password.

The sentence you use can be of any theme and any length, as long as you can abbreviate it and turn it into a password you’re likely to recall. There are many ways to do this.

For example, you can turn the sentence “I ate way too much food last night” into something like “i8way2muchlnite”. Obviously, there are plenty of ways to go about this, but it’s an easier way to create a password that sticks out in your memory.

The Electrum Method

Specifically intended for Bitcoin wallets, the Electrum Method is great for keeping them secure using a 12-word seed that gives you access to all of your Bitcoin addresses.

electrum method

For example, you may get a generation seed consisting of 20+ numbers and letters in a seemingly random combination, with an alternative pass phrase of “help harp anger screen damage alter consider on inside opaque love caress.”

You can always make these phrases sensical and memorable, but Bruce Schneier advises making the phrase as long as possible, as hackers today are now able to predict sentences based on which words are likely to come after other words in the dictionary.

The PAO Method

You can always use mnemonic devices to help remember a strong password using the Person-Action-Object (PAO) method to generate your passwords.

For example, you can select an image of a place of interest such as the Empire State Building.


Then choose a photo of a familiar or famous individual such as Judge Reinhold. Then imagine a random object and action and put it all together. In this case it may be: “Judge Reinhold flies a turkey baster up the Empire State Building.”

judge reinhold new york

This enables the brain to more easily remember the generated password, which may look something like “Judgeflyturkb8sterupESB”. This creates a long password that you will have an easier time recalling.

Consider an IT Password Management Tool

Those are simply a few of the best methods to create a secure password that keeps your data protected on a regular basis. For further security, you can also store all of your passwords in a secure database using an IT password management tool.

Doing so can be an affordable way to centralize all of your passwords in a single location while making it easier for you or a closed group of authorized individuals to access them with the software.

This is particularly useful if you’re likely to forget your passwords, which can frequently happen if you have a lot of passwords for a variety of programs and websites.