How to Create the Perfect Password

It can be kind of tricky to create a password that’s both secure and easy to remember. Here are a few strategies to help you develop a strong password that’s both memorable and guaranteed to keep your systems protected at all times.

The Bruce Schneier Method

In 2008, security professional Bruce Schneier created a method for generating passwords that he still recommends, which is to turn a sentence that’s easy to remember into a password.

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Wireless vs. Wired Surveillance Camera Systems

Security cameras continue to be recognized as important security measures to protect businesses and residences from burglaries and other crimes, but there are many different technologies to choose from. One of the main options to consider is wireless vs. wired cameras. Both have differences that may determine which is the best to purchase.

three security cameras

Power Supplies

One difference you’ll find between wired and wireless cameras is the way they’re powered. Wired cameras use electricity as a power source and need to be near an electrical source. Wireless cameras are battery-operated and will need to have the batteries replaced several times a year to optimize functionality.

Camera System Installation

Wired security camera systems use sensors that are installed on doors and windows, and each sensor is connected to the main camera system panel through wiring. Any unsightly wires can be hidden behind walls or beneath carpeting. Wireless cameras, on the other hand, require little wiring, although the sensors work the same way. Rather than having the sensors connected through wiring, wireless cameras connect to them via a wireless transmitter.

Security Camera Cost

Wired cameras cost less than wireless ones, but installation is a bit more complex because of all of the wiring. Vice versa, wireless cameras cost more while the installation is much simpler.

Security Concerns

The biggest concern surrounding wired camera systems is the tampering of exposed wires. Criminals can damage them or weather elements can wear them out over time.

On the other hand, wireless cameras also have their susceptibilities. Signal loss and weather conditions can affect these cameras, causing them to cease functioning altogether. Wireless cameras that are connected to the Internet also risk being hacked into and compromised, which constitutes a breach in privacy.

These are the main differences between wired and wireless camera systems, and depending on your budget and the specific needs for your facility’s security, this little guide will hopefully help you determine which kind of camera system is the best for your business or residence.