Data Center Curtain to Help Manage Air Flow and Proper Temperature

The ability to effectively manage and control air and temperature in a data center is essential to running a successful, cost effective and secure data center. The average data center uses state-of-the-art HVAC systems for the purpose of pumping highly pressurized air throughout the center in order to maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels.

The most common methodology for circulating air in data centers involves the pumping of air under raised floors; however, there are some systems that use an elevated airflow system to achieve the recommended temperature.

Cost Efficiency Challenges

Unfortunately, the lack of precision associated with these current models creates some challenges in the area of specificity and cost efficiency. Because these types of cooling systems are room-based, there will be certain areas in the room that will be overcooled and others that will be undercooled.

This type of generalized air flow forces the entire system to work harder to manage temperatures, subsequently raising energy costs.

One of the most efficacious ways to address this issue is to use the building architecture to assist the system in funneling and controlling the flow of air in a manner that provides a higher level of specificity in how the air is circulated.

When the architecture can be used to effectively manipulate air flow, the center managers will be able to execute greater control in determining where the cold air will be focused.

data curtains

The Use of Aisle Containment Curtains & Data Center Curtains

More centers are beginning to use aisle containment curtains or the less expensive data center curtains, to help control the air flow and reduce energy costs. There are a multitudinous benefits associated with using aisle containment curtains or data center curtains, such as:

  • A significant increase in output density due to the fact that the cold air supply can be controlled better.
  • Easy installation due to the capacity to retrofit curtains for a more customized fit
  • A substantial increase in energy efficiency in addition to a higher performance capability when it comes to overall climate control
  • A cost efficient investment that will serve to enhance the performance of the existing system, which will subsequently extend the life of the system, further saving money.

A Closer Look at Data Center Curtains

A data curtain is basically a combination of existing curtain that can be retrofitted and combined with an aluminum track system that will allow data room manager to manipulate and control how the air flows in specific areas of the data center. Aisle containment curtains are more intelligently designed to function within the architectural design of a specific data center.

Aisle containment curtains use temperature activated fuse links that cause the curtain to drop to the floor when a specific area reaches a certain temperature, resulting in the redirection of cold air flow to cool off the areas that have rising temperatures.

The combination of data center curtains and aisle containment curtains are an ideal method for maximizing the performance of existing cooling systems without the need for exorbitant expenditures.

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